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Whereas the architects of the U.S. Constitution arrived at a brilliant solution of two senators for each state and a congressman based on population, the balance of the Senate and House achieved equitable representation no matter how large or small an individual state was. Not so with the United Nations.

We now have extremely small third world states that have little history of governing, little wealth, often an uneducated populace and none of the experience, natural resources, knowledge, skill, the ability to match larger nations in defense, trade, etc.; yet they have practically the same voting power.

And what have they done with that power? In some cases they have demanded a portion of the oceans, though they are land-locked; a re distribution of the wealth, though they've done nothing to create it; an irresponsibility regarding birth control, when the earth's fresh water system is already overtaxed; an unwillingness to learn from the industrialized countries in regards to mistakes made and progress attained; and the list goes on. It has been well stated that "you can fill a man's belly for the day by giving him a fish or you can fill his belly for life by teaching him how to fish."

If you are a keen observer, you will note that generally every individual has some unique "saleable" skill and every nation likewise. A century ago, who could have ever imagined a country with mostly desert land, hoarding riches beyond belief under that sand - oil enough to create a country so rich that it appears obscene.

Used properly and wisely, most peoples and most nations could create a full and satisfactory life. However, we know this is not the case. Governments from time immemorial have "enslaved" their people so that some, "the anointed," may live in unexcelled luxury.

All nations, and this certainly includes the U.S., have taken land and resources from others and this battle continues to the present. It's called war but in reality it's theft. The only saving grace for America is that it stopped that practice after displacing the Indian. Other nations tend to continue this travesty whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It certainly would be interesting to watch if when the politicians called for a war, nobody came. The days of plunder by armies are long gone; it's the politicians that gain from a war.

In the case of the U.S., wars cost America dearly during the battle and afterward by rebuilding the losers. If all nations adhered to this tactic, there would be no reason to have a war in the first place. What a novel idea!

So what's the objection to the United Nations? First, the world expects a hand-out in foreign aid; Second, envy is a terrible human trait; Third, because America has so much, why not re-distribute that; Fourth, let the U.S. be the world's policeman with all the expense and disruption of servicemen's lives - but only police the other one and not me.

Apparently, most American citizens are not aware, or they keep their "heads in the sand" because they don't believe that the U.N. Is intent on lowering America's standard of living to conform with the rest of the world; opening America's borders to illegals regardless whether the immigrants can be assimilated; trashing the U.S. Constitution and Bill or Rights because those documents stand in the way of a one world government, one world currency and one world trading group; and disarm the U.S. Citizens so that there can not be a repetition of the colonists defeating the English or the recent ten year debacle of Afghanistan.

In an effort to shame America, belittle its work ethic and place guilt on our wealth, we are constantly shown hunger and deprivation, prices of gasoline as much as four times higher in foreign countries and living conditions that are oppressive. Very cleverly, we are not shown the same present conditions in the U.S. nor that we arose in the past from those very same conditions by sheer willpower and harsh work; or our tax structure and financial system that appears on the surface to give us an advantage.

Perspective, a photographer will tell you, can be changed so easily and quickly by changing camera lenses, angles and lighting that you should use common sense so as not to be fooled into believing things are necessarily as they appear or are deliberately presented.

An examination of un-united America is now in order. Does anyone out there really believe that America has not lost much of its loyalty, allegiance and patriotism; the right and desire to vote; assimilation and the speaking of English; what can I do for the good of others; and some things are just not for sale.

Unbelievable. The framers of our Constitution must be turning over in their graves and our war veterans disheartened that the blood shed and the anguish endured appears to have been for naught.

America is for sale to the highest bidder. The White House has become a Motel 6. Military secrets are available in exchange for political donations. A country's politics, ethics, human rights, spies, military threats, nuclear capability mean nothing if money can be made. The battle cry has become, "what's in it for me and follow the money."

In the recent past we have witnessed a President declare war and drop bombs on countries, without Congressional approval; stand idly by while military secrets left the country; lose the drug traffic war; make only a feeble attempt at controlling our borders; making no attempt to arrest criminals that violated the "Brady Law" refused to promote "Eddie Eagle," the gun safety program for children, because the NRA designed it; and refused to endorse "Project Exile," which targets and prosecutes criminals, because the NRA backs it.

We have a Justice Department that hides information that imperils the Administration until time runs out. We have perjury, obstruction of justice and submission of misleading affidavits. We have judges that make law and that subvert citizen's votes on initiatives. We have politicians that violate their oath of office and lie to the public. We have morals, attitudes and demeanor by government officials that are a disgrace.

We have to wonder why Congress, the body given the power, permits wars they have not authorized, permits another government body to make laws and allows a President to go outside of the law by executive order or by using the court system to achieve a personal goal.

It certainly makes one wonder whether the FBI files in "Filegate" might have put pressure in sensitive areas.

Does anyone wonder why children, observing the examples set, lie; adolescents engage in drugs, sex and a don't care attitude; and why adults stop voting?

Orwell's l984 Big Brother was not far off the track - just the timing.

It's a foregone conclusion that our space program, manufacturing, education, communication satellites, etc. would not exist if it weren't for the computer.

Reluctantly, we must also agree that the computer will likely become our worst enemy. Witness what happened when one small satellite knocked out all those pagers and telephones. Just imagine, but you better not dwell on it too long or outright panic will set in, what will happen in the next world conflict when satellites are targeted for destruction. We have become computer creditors and you in the financial world understand that the creditor becomes the slave to the debtor. I don't have the answer for this but believe that some form of a "back up" better be designed and quick.

For all of those who are thrilled with electronic banking, credit cards and a no cash society, you better start evaluating your situation. It was a disaster when America went off the gold standard and money assumed a value put on it by the Federal Reserve as simply a promise to pay. All those greenbacks are really worth zero - their value is simply the same as a personal check. If the check signer is honest and has the means to pay you, then the check is good. If the Federal Reserve determines your dollar bill is worth five cents when yesterday it was ten cents, so be it.

Have any of you thought seriously what the consequences would have been if this administration had been allowed to force your bank to divulge your financial information to the government? They also want personal information such as health records to be available. The fight is currently being waged to permit the stripping of privacy from the Internet. The goal, of course, is to know absolutely everything about you, your family, how much you earn, where and how much you spend and everything better balance out.

Shakespeare's comment, "First, we kill all the lawyers," had some merit.

Years ago would anyone have even thought an individual could successfully sue because they tripped over their own feet, spilled coffee on themselves, lost money in the stock market because they weren't too intelligent, smoked their health away when they were aware it was a stupid thing to do, or that a criminal could sue a police officer or civilian who used a gun to stop that criminal's activity? As bad as that appears to be, what about a government that joins the lawsuit in order to get money or to coerce a business to do the government's bidding?

The character, credibility and worth in America has changed. We have become a society composed of: cliques, social strata, ethnic divisions, hyphenated Americans, religious enclaves, etc. etc. But even worse than all that, a huge segment of the population believes that "what's in it for me", "if it feels good, do it" and "everyone is to blame yet no one is to blame" is their watchword.

As late as the 1950's, houses and cars remained unlocked, the proverbial pick up truck, unoccupied with windows rolled down, might likely have sported a loaded gun in the window rack, the teenage girls were not pregnant and gangs were more a nuisance than a threat; even the ACLU remained relatively harmless.

Now we have a society that believes everyone deserves a two bathroom house, large color TV, VCR, computer, several phones, one or two cars and a comfortable living - mind you, this does not necessarily mean that they are working; society just owes this to them.

And when a tragedy occurs whether it be a teen aged driver causing an accident, a school child shooting someone or a deranged individual committing mayhem, suddenly society has failed. Is there such a thing as individual responsibility anymore or are we to accept the pabulum that it takes a village to raise the child?

Not a very pretty picture is it? So what should be done and more importantly what should YOU be doing?

It is my understanding that civics and history, at least the right kind, are no longer being taught in the elementary and high schools. Stop right there! The Romans and Greeks knew that a strong government and a strong country was composed of 'strong families'; that the family unit was the backbone of the country. And of course, if you don't know and don't understand the history and government of your country, you are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past. Only the fool spends time re-inventing the wheel.

So there you have the blueprint of what action you should be taking in regards to the U.N. And our present governmental officials.