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I have ben reading articles for many years now of how the National Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment organizations and lone individuals are fighting to defend our Second Amendment rights. It's like fighting little fires that flare up here and there and we desperately fight to put them out. There has been a fair amount of success but the burned spots get more and more numerous and they get closer and closer together.

I think it's time to stop defending the Second Amendment and go on the offensive. I would think it to be a federal offense to deliberately engage in passing laws or even suggest laws that are directly opposed to the Constitution of the United States. The Second Amendment is very plain in stating that all law abiding citizens should arm themselves to protect the freedom so many have died to preserve. Common sense tells us that we must be armed with the very best each individual can afford. Most of these are the very weapons the anti gunners want to do away with, which they ignorantly refer to as "assault weapons." The anti-gunners have made a list of so called 'assault weapons' we should not be allowed to have and they add to this list year after year after year.

We are not only supposed to arm ourselves but also bear arms. The Second Amendment commands us to arm ourselves and no other permit is required to do so. Most right-to-carry weapon permits that have been adopted make it almost impossible for the average law abiding citizen to obtain, because of the cost and the restrictions applied. All these laws are completely illegal because they infringe upon our Second Amendment right, which clearly states:" (shall not be infringed upon.)" Nothing even remotely hints that weapons shall be registered or shall require a permit. The list goes on and on of all the laws anti-gunners and anti-American liberals have managed to get passed, all of which are totally illegal and opposed by the Second Amendment. The fact is every anti-gun law passed or proposed falls into this category.