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Constitutional Times Goal

The CONSTITUTIONAL TIMES internet newspaper is a not-for-profit publication.

Its goal is to educate the public, especially schoolchildren, who have never had the benefit of American history and civics, or who are not being properly taught these studies; likewise, immigrants who have not been exposed in depth to the fact that America is a Republic and not a Democracy.

In addition to timely topics addressing civil rights, constitutional rights and the judicial system, the CONSTITUTIONAL TIMES contains a library with subjects such as: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Emanacipation Proclamation and the Federalist Papers.

On a continuing basis the CONSTITUTIONAL TIMES will enlighten its readers regarding subjects such as: taxes, voting, immigration, politics, the justice system, social security, employer/employee relations, workplace and home safety, school education, the relationship ordained by the Constitution regarding the three branches of government, states' rights and, any or all, subjects that government controls and that affects citizens.

The staff has made a commitment to furnish this needed information to each and every American citizen.