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Anti-Firearms Rights Extremists have joined forces with liberal Democrats who now control the California state legislature in a massive legislative campaign, which they no doubt hope will make firearms ownership far too complicated and costly for the average person to withstand! In this way, they could impose a 'defacto' ban on firearms possession and use without ever having to actually pass state law totally prohibiting them! They could also avoid the constitutional challenges that would surely follow if they did!

Last year, the firearms prohibitionists enacted a new handgun 'safety' certificate law that added as much as fifteen dollars in new government fees to the cost of buying a firearm, depending upon the buyers personal circumstances and the type of firearm being purchased! The new law does nothing that will actually improve safety!!

This year, they are trying to TAX AMMUNITION AT A RATE OF FIVE CENTS PER ROUND. This would place a tax of $2.50 on an $0.89 box of 22 caliber ammunition. SCA 12 (Perata, D-Alameda) would also tax reloading components individually, making the total tax on reloaded ammunition many times higher per round than that of factory loaded ammunition!

The SCA 12 tax that would be paid only by shooters would be used to fund the operating costs of hospital emergency rooms and trauma centers. Buyers of other items associated with treatment at these facilities, such as household chemicals, swimming pools and power tools, would not be charged any additional special tax! (A direct violation of the 14th Amendment, Section 1). Only firearms owners would be discriminated against in this abusive manner! It would create a huge economic barrier to participating in lawful firearms related activities.

Three other bills now pending in the state legislature that would further economically punish lawful individuals who wish to have a firearm are:

AB 2080 (Steinberg, D-Sacramento) Would make individual firearms buyers pay for part of the commercial shipping process between firearms wholesalers and licensed firearms dealers by using buyers background check fees to be taken from the DROS (Dealers Record of Sale) fund.

AB 2580 (Simitian, D-Palo Alto) Would make individual firearms buyers pay for state inspections of commercial weapons permit holders, such as businesses that provide firearms as props to the entertainment industry. Again, individual firearms buyers background check fees would be taken from the DROS fund.

AB 2902 (Koretz, D-West Hollywood) Would make individual firearms buyers, instead of manufacturers, pay for state mandated 'safety' retesting of various makes and models of handguns. As before, individual firearms buyers DROS money would be raided to pay for an unrelated commercial program! Even the money from rifle and shotgun buyers would be taken.

To pay for these three bills would ultimately result in an increase in the DROS fee that is paid by every firearm buyer.

It is not hard to figure out what is happening! There can only be one rational explanation: A deliberate attempt to increase the cost of firearms and ammunition to the point where most people can no longer afford them. THEY ARE BUILDING ECONOMIC BARRIERS TO FIREARMS OWNERSHIP AND USE!!!

It is very unfortunate that the Democratic party has become the party of anti Constitution and Bill of Rights. Even though there are many fine Democrats that support their oath of office, you will easily note that the preponderance of bad bills are put forth by the Democratic party.

Whatever your political persuasion, you should keep in mind that freedom is at stake and you will eventually become simply a 'serf'. if you allow yourself to be controlled and you give up the rights that have been fought for since 1776.