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Of course, I would like to think that because criminals are criminals and therefore never obey laws, you would have thought of that before the law was drafted and voted upon.

You did not do this, however. Instead Senator Perata dreamed up this illegal and ridiculous law for political gain and not to curtail criminals.

It is referred to as the "Assault Weapons Bill". A semi-automatic firearm that for every press on the trigger fires ONE round of ammunition cannot by any stretch of the imagination be classed as an assault weapon.

The German Sturmgewehr 44 rifle carries the distinction of the first use of the phrase "assault rifle" and was issued to troops in 1943 - 1944. Its technical qualifications are the requirement of a short cartridge and the ability to fire single shots or automatic fire, commonly referred to as selective fire. (Reference: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms by Ian V. Hogg, Glossary page 314, Chartwell Books Inc. Copyright/published 1978).

Then to offend the sensibilities of common sense even more, pistols were added to the list; even the innocuous Walther GSP and OSP, two five shot pistols chambering 22 long rifle and 22 short cartridges used only in competition, including the Olympics, and carrying a price tag of over $1000. Tell me Senator Perata, when was the last time you saw a street punk carrying one of these?

Did you "exalted" officials ever refer to the Supreme Court decisions wherein the criminal has been exempted from registering his/her weapon under the Fifth Amendment? I not only think that you know of that decision but that you are purposely ignoring it so that you can 'sell' the public a program of mass registration for reasons having nothing to do with crime, but in reality 'control of honest citizens' and the eventual elimination of the constitutional right to possess a firearm.

If that is not your agenda, why have all who voted for SB23 committed PERJURY, a felony punishable in a state penitentiary?

And how have you perjured yourself? Well, you may have turned a deaf ear to the oath you took upon acceding to the office you now hold, but it remains quite clear that you swore to uphold the Constitution, and I now quote form that document the sections that forbid you to take the action that you have taken: Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 7 and Section 8, Article IV, Section 2 and the Bill of Rights, Amendments I, II, IV, V, IX, X and XIV, Section 1.

Is it any wonder then that many honest citizens are not obeying your illegal law and coming forth to register their constitutionally owned firearms, knowing full well that your intent is to confiscate them just as you did the legally held SKS firearms just a short time ago?

To add even more insult to injury, the office of Attorney General and the Department of Justice cannot absolutely define what con- stitutes a registerable firearm under the law you just enacted. Just consider the dilemma this poses for the cop on the street!

In fact the Attorney General's office has stated they will not even support a position in the courtroom.

Instead, we have an illegal law, one that violates a God-given right to self defense of self and family that was memorialized as a condition of accepting the Constitution (Refer to the Federalist Papers).

The law defies interpretation, it's based on im- moral and illegal precepts; by definition, it's based on "if it looks like a military weapon and especially if it's black in color, it must be bad".

So it that's what you think of in regard to our armed forces and that's what you think of in terms of patriotism and the will to fight for this country, might I suggest that you select some other country to live in.