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If you were convicted of a minor crime 40 years ago, you can still buy a car. Although cars kill far more people than guns, there are no laws that make a certain car illegal to own because it is faster than others. If a car is kept in your home (garage), it doesn't need to be registered. There are no age limits as to who can own a car. When a family of five is killed by a drunk driver, there are no mayors of large cities (or presidents) suing Ford, Chevrolet or Chrysler for medical damages (for the easy access to cars). Drivers are not jailed because they left their keys in the car and it gets stolen and driven by a juvenile. It's not illegal to own a military Jeep. Some people LIKE to drive military Jeeps.

The biggest reason gun owners don't want to register their guns: Never has ANY country registered privately owned guns that has not come back and confiscated them later.