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Bond Issues -- Illegal Taxing?

A convention was held in Philadelphia regarding authority of the Constitution to tax in any manner other than as specified in the Constitution. Without going into the lengthy history of taxation re direct, indirect and apportionment and the later l6th Amendment adopted in 1913, we find that the taxing system "must act equally on all citizens; there could be no taxation without representation; and only those who are paying the tax are entitled to vote (on the tax measure)."

The crux of raising money through bond issues and levying against property owners only is that it is an unfair tax, it violates equal protection, it is an unavoidable tax (whereas excise, tariff, luxury and even sales tax can be avoided) and most importantly it is a tax placed on a specific group of citizens by a group that won't have to pay the tax.

It certainly can be argued that this is an inherently evil tax that violates the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. Why are property taxes so popular with non property owners and politicians? It's obvious in the case of non property owners who will get a government service without paying for it. In the case of politicians, it is true that once levied it requires no further action by the politician and people so easily forget who thrust this tax upon them. It allows the politician to glibly state, "Let's not tax you, let's not tax me, let's tax that man behind the tree."

If a bond measure has such universal appeal with advantages to all who will receive the benefits, then it should be easy to get a measure passed that is based on sales tax. However, we know such is not the case and that's why the bond vote depends on the "free loaders" for passage.

The problem is so real that we see the bond supporters using deceptive measures and even attempting through the courts to remove restrictions placed on bond measures. For instance, in California, bond issues require a 2/3 majority to pass and property owners object so vehemently to being singled out as the payers that many issues fail.

Does that deter the supporters? Only temporarily. If the courts won't illegally help them, they just keep reinstating at every election until the property owner is worn down and/or they, by deception and connivance, try to get the 2/3 majority lowered to a simple majority (this could be 50% plus 1 vote).

Is this really the way to build a cohesive and equitable community?