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BATF Attacking First Amendment?

The letter claims that "in 1997 the book's publisher became aware that individuals purporting to be BATF agents had threatened vendors of the book in at least three different states with 'problems' if they did not cease their sales of the book.The letter states that similar incidents did not occur after a $10,000 reward was offered for information to identify the "agents." But the letter from Ross's attorney, James H. Jeffries,III, goes on to state that BATF agents "have engaged in an official effort to enlist Mrs. Ross, who is amicably separated from her husband as an informant against her husband." Mrs.Ross, apparently, has expressed no interest in assisting the BATF, and Jeffries has demanded that BATF "cease and desist from this un- constitutional abuse of power." He has also asked for a full investigation by the Inspector General of the Treasury Department, and requested the U.S. Attorney General look into whether Mr. Ross's civil rights have been violated by BATF. Stay tuned.

Freedom's Voice August 2000