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By The Minuteman

A sometimes forgotten fact is that a law does not actually become an enforceable law until it is tested in court or generally accepted by the populace. It is also studiously avoided by judges that juries should be informed of their right to disregard a law that is defective and thereby render their verdict based on that.

If we the people are in fact the government, what right does Washington, DC have to public land and the air waves for radio, telephone, TV and the Internet? It's true that the only practical approach is for our appointed/elected representatives to establish controls, use and the sale where applicable.

However, the public has the right to far more interest of public lands than they are granted and the sale of airwaves etc. should result in a benefit to the public and not to the White House to squander on foreign aid, medicare, social security, schools, etc. for non citizens.

It started with eminent domain (the dominion of a government over all the property within the state by which it can take private property for public use), right of way easements, dedicated lands for historical, park use or environmental claims and other forms of public access.

Then came the asset forfeiture law that permitted law enforcement agencies to seize any property even remotely suspected as being connected with drug dealing: this included cash, vehicles, real property and anything else they could think of.

Asset forfeiture proved to be such an outstanding success that the "midnight oil burning" prompted lawyers to sue tobacco companies in the guise of providing health care for those and their successors that are simply not smart enough to believe the surgeon general's warning on the product.

Now with the millions flowing, just how much is targeted for health? It is ludicrous to observe the proposed uses; to wit, repair sidewalks, settle criminal lawsuits, deficit reduction, schools, capital construction and even aid to tobacco farmers and who knows what else.

The next illegal target is currently gun manufacturers; how far behind can be the alcohol industry, auto manufacturers, fast foods and let your imagination run wild.

In this mad power driven lust for money, it is very conveniently forgotten that there is a fifth Amendment in the Bill or Rights that compels just compensation for property taken for public use.

Historians recognize that an acceleration in stealing this government away from the people started in earnest in the l940's and within the last seven years has reached a fever pitch.

The creation of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, NAFTA, United Nations and World Court appeared to be a very helpful and innocent idea. However, the direction taken and the new power created has altered their worth and value to most nations. It's the same old "shell game" from the beginning of civilization. Big Brother knows best and will help you, "just trust me."

Almost every country, sans the United States, meekly complies because their citizens have no rights and most never have lived under total freedom. This causes a severe problem for the "powers to be" because the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are in the way and therefore must be eliminated.

I can almost hear the hue and cry, "Never here in America." Well, folks, you better start looking beyond your immediate neighborhood and you'll witness the black helicopters, the secret areas (secret from you- not necessarily from a foreign government), the Ruby Ridges, Wacos and Miamis where hooded, machine gun carrying troopers enforce what they perceive to be the law, and where firearms confiscation has taken place in California.

At first blush it could be said that the best form of government in history is being stolen. Perhaps a more accurate portrayal is that the apathetic citizens are giving it away in a vain attempt to trade rights for no individual responsibility and action.

You better think about that long and hard because if you let it slip through your fingers and then want it back, all the gun hating public will have but one recourse--pick up arms (if America is fortunate enough to have hidden firearms from the illegal authorities), fight and die just as the colonists did.